Intro_lecture_2007 - THE RISE OF CIVILIZATION Anthropology...

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1 T HE  R ISE   OF  C IVILIZATION     [\wp10\Rise of Civ 2007\Intro_Lec_2007.wpd] Anthropology V1008y Prof. Terence D’Altroy January 16, 2007 I NTRODUCTION TO THE C OURSE 1. goals of the course a. trace the formation and collapse of complex societies b. evaluate explanations proposed to account for their trajectories c. examine how archaeologists investigate these issues 2. areas to study a. Mesopotamia b. Egypt c. Indus River Valley d. China e. Mesoamerica f. Andean South America 3. these regions: the birthplaces of the pristine states a. complex polities that developed without contact with other more complex societies 1. possible exception of Egypt b. comparative utility for other times and areas 1. Europe, the greater Near East, Africa, North America, Japan, and Polynesia S YLLABUS     1. structure a. lectures b. recitation sections 2. books and articles a. reserve 1. Butler Library 2. Anthropology Library b. purchase: Columbia Bookstore 3. grading a. basic plan 1. midterm: 33% 2. final: 67% b. gold plan 1. midterm: 25% 2. final: 50% 3. paper: 25% 4. instructor   a. archaeological anthropologist b. politics, economics of complex societies c. New World: Inkas 1
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d. problems 1. rise of the state 2. imperial expansion 3. political relations in empires 4. production and exchange systems e. 35 years’ field experience 1. Missouri, California, Mexico, Peru, Argentina Big Questions of Anthropological Archaeology 1. what are the  Big Questions  of the anthropology of the past? a. series treated in  Origins of Human Society 1. companion course b. what is a human and when did we become human? 1. e.g., physical characteristics? 2. social organization?
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Intro_lecture_2007 - THE RISE OF CIVILIZATION Anthropology...

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