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March 29, 20071 [Mesoamerica Terms 2007.doc] H ANDY TERMS : I NTRODUCTION TO M ESOAMERICA Mesoamerica: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize Intermediate Area: Honduras to Colombia and Venezuela Olmecs Aztecs language groups: Gulf Coast: Olmecs, later Totonac Central highlands of Mexico: Otomi, Nahua southern highlands (Oaxaca region): Zapotec, Mixtec southeastern Mexico and upper Central America: Maya Papal bull of 1539 Teotihuacan (Valley of Mexico) Monte Albán (Oaxaca) Tula (Toltec) key Olmec sites San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan La Venta Tres Zapotes Laguna de los Cerros other sites mentioned Las Limas La Mojarra jaguar imagery: jaguar babies, were-jaguar Bufo marinis: psychedelic toad key objects for Olmec writing Stela C: Tres Zapotes monument 13: La Venta Stela 1: La Mojarra (Epi-Olmec era, pre-proto-Zoquean language) Oaxaca language groups (Oaxaca region): Zapotec, Mixtec Monte Albán (Oaxaca) V. of Oaxaca's 3 arms: Etla, Valle Grande, Tlacolula San José Mogote fire-serpent were-jaguar danzante comal: maize-grinding Cuicatlan
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Unformatted text preview: Loma de La Coyotera: skull rack pèe or pi : "breath" or "spirit" Tomb 7 (Monte Albán): Skeleton A, Lady 9 Grass Blanton McCafferty Flannery, Marcus disembedded capital Bazán slab Teotihuacan Maya Pre-Classic sites El Mirador West: dominated by Tigre Complex East: Danta Complex Altar de Sacrificios (on Pasión River) Barton Ramie (Belize) Classic sites Tikal : up to 77,000 people Dzibilchaltun: 12,000 Becán: 2,800 or less Coba: 40,000 or less Copan: 15,000 for whole region Palenque, Quiriguá: important Late Classic centers Post-Classic sites Chichén Itzá Uxmal Mayapan Popol Vuh calendars 260-day Sacred Almanac 365-day Vague Year base-20 numbering system Maya script epigraphers: Proskouriakoff, Knorosov, Berlin codices: Dresden, Madrid, Paris archaeologists: Kidder, Puleston, Rathje Basin of Mexico Teotihuacan Avenue of the Dead Pyramid of the Sun Pyramid of the Moon Temple of Quetzalcoatl Tlajinga 33 compound Ciudadela...
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Mesoamerica_Terms_2007 - Loma de La Coyotera skull rack...

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