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MidTerm2008Gdl - THE RISE OF CIVILIZATION\Rise of Civ...

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1    T HE R ISE OF C IVILIZATION [\Rise of Civ 2008\MidtermGdl.wpd] February 29, 2008 T. D'Altroy S TUDY G UIDE FOR M IDTERM E XAM The exam will be one-third short answer and two-thirds essay. It will include materials from all of the assigned readings and the lectures. You should be able to draw on them for exemplary material in writing your answers. In studying for the exam, keep in mind that you should focus on both the general processes and the comparative histories of the rise of civilization in Mesopotamia and Egypt. To understand how those regions developed, you have to command the basic facts of the sequences. The exam will provide you with a printed chronology for each area, so you do not have to memorize the order of specific cultures or their dates. However, you will be responsible for knowing the nature and complexity of the major cultures of each era. As you study, think about the main themes that the course has emphasized in the rise of civilization: social organization, politics, ideology, codification of information (e.g., through
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