Lab 2 Trig/Vectors

University Physics with Modern Physics with Mastering Physics (11th Edition)

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In this experiment, we will perform a variety of measurements which require trigonometric calculations. Trigonometry is necessary for solving most problems involving more than one dimension. We will perform distance measurements using triangulation, application of similar triangles, and also express coordinates in the lab room by means of vectors. Equipment l 1 Meter Stick l 2 Protractors l Several paper clips Method Triangulation is the procedure wherein one measures the position of a remote object by measuring the direction of the object from two known reference points. We will construct an instrument for triangulation measurement using two protractors and a meter stick and use this instrument to measure distances across the lab room. Additionally, we will measure the height of the room using the similar triangles created by the shadow of a meter stick. Finally, we will express positions and features in the room in terms of unit vectors. Procedure I. Angular Width 1. A horizontal line is drawn on the chalk board. When viewed from any distance, this line subtends a certain angular opening. Stand approximately 5 feet from the chalk board. Have your lab partner
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Lab 2 Trig/Vectors -...

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