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Government and Fast Food Industries

Government and Fast Food Industries - Beirne 1 Matt Beirne...

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Beirne 1 Matt Beirne Professor Komis English 106 4 March 2008 Fast Food Corporations and the U.S. Government’s Intervention Over the past couple of decades fast food industries began their monopoly in the United States. There are more fast food restaurants in the United States than any other commercial store, family sit-down restaurant, mall, playground, or grocery store. Fast food industries and their restaurants are all over the United States and a person can’t go a day without driving past one, seeing an advertisement for a restaurant on television, or stopping in and grabbing a quick bite to eat. The convenience of fast food restaurants is great since they are timely to the every day person’s hectic schedule in life. Fast food restaurants cater to every type of person, from happy meals and toys for children, to the adult looking for a cheap meal that can easily work with their budget. Having integrated into every part of the American society, fast food corporations have become the leaders in the American economy. However, the growth of the fast food industries in the United States has lead to our country growing into one of the unhealthiest and fattest in the world. The fast food restaurants that provide our timely and cheap foods are packed with the unhealthiest ingredients and are served with enormous French fries and liters of soda. When the costumer can buy a full course meal consisting of all those things at such a cheap price, no wonder Americans have become one of the fattest nations. However, is it really the consumer’s fault that the fast food industries can provide such tasty foods at such cheap
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Beirne 2 prices? Shouldn’t the government regulate what the fast food corporation’s do and sell so that our country doesn’t go into a worse pandemic than the one occurring now with obesity? The government should regulate what the fast food corporations sell, what meat goes into their products, what advertisements they put out to attract costumers, and the sizes of the food that they sell to their costumers.
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Government and Fast Food Industries - Beirne 1 Matt Beirne...

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