Global warming and infectious disease

Global warming and infectious disease - Matt Beirne...

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Matt Beirne Professor Komis English 106 30 March 2008 Global Warming and Infectious Disease For decades now discussions concerning global warming and its future affects on the world have grown increasingly more frequent. Its no longer possible to neglect the future consequences of global warming brought upon us by human nature. Today, scientists and global leaders are holding conferences and meetings around the world to get the most up to date information about what the future holds for us. With growing scientific research and evidence, the future doesn’t look too bright for the world and the human race in the eyes of many. What scientists have found is that the Earth is experiencing increases in its average temperature near the surface and oceans. With the gradual increase in average temperature, the world is heating up and has no plan in stopping. The rise in the temperatures will cause airborne diseases to wipeout third- world countries and countries with poor public health systems. Eventually diseases that have grown and mutated because of the rise in heat will spread all over the world and will affect everything there is. This is the future that scientists believe is ahead of us. However, the way in which this information is being brought to us in written and visual forms is always different. Scientific research articles give readers the most up-to- date research and analysis of new information that is constantly being found. The way scientific writers give their information to the writer and the tone of voice that they speak in is usually cut and dry and straight to the point. Instead of writing to influence the
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readers feelings and beliefs on the subject of global warming and its affect of infectious airborne diseases on the human race, scientific writers get straight to the point. The Science Daily is a magazine in which readers get the up-to-date scientific information about a subject such as global warming. In an article titled, “Scientists Concerned About Effects of Global Warming on Infectious Diseases” they write that “as Earth’s temperatures increase, we can expect a significant change in infectious disease patterns around the globe.” There isn’t a story or prelude to the paper appealing to the writer’s feelings, the Science Daily gets straight to the point with unedited truth. The voice of the article is serious and unwavering from the absolute truth. Infectious diseases due to global temperature rising will infect the world. As the temperatures rise, diseases
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Global warming and infectious disease - Matt Beirne...

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