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Matt Ayers April 24, 2007 Personal Evaluation First I went to the library and met with our group to brainstorm ideas for topics. After determining my topic I went and found some books in the library. After meeting with the group I went back to my room and found several articles online. I then gathered all of the info I had found and began working on my powerpoint. Making the powepoint was the most time consuming of all the things I did for the project. After completing the powerpoint, I met one final time with my group in the library. In the library we combined our powerpoints and then I went and printed copies of the assignments and the handout notes. Overall I think I did a very good job getting ready and completing this project. I tend to procrastinate but I did a good job staying on top of things with this project and I think in the end it help a great deal.
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Unformatted text preview: Group Evaluation Everyone in the group contributed evenly to working on this project. We all worked very well in coming up with topics. After determining the topic we all worked individually on doing our powerpoints. Then we met again to combine them. After combining the powerpoints we evenly divided up how each of us would work on finishing up the projects. Matt B. did most of the assignment. Rob Painter and I went to the library to print out the assignment and notes. Greg contributed to the notes and making the assignment. I felt that everyone in the group worked very hard on making this project a success. Nobody slacked off and got behind, which was important in making sure we got it done on time. I especially think Greg did a great job with his section of the powerpoint. Matt B. also came up with a very good assignment....
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