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Religion Paper 2 - Ayers 1 Matt Ayers Christa Robinson...

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Ayers 1 Matt Ayers Christa Robinson World Religions 11/3/06 Passover in the Book of Exodus Being one of the first monotheistic religions recorded, Judaism has many values and history that the Jewish people observer very sacredly. The main religious text of the Jewish faith is the Torah, and a very important part of the Torah is the second book which is known as the Exodus. The main events that are recorded in the Exodus are the departure of Hebrew slaves from Egypt led by Moses and their journey from Egypt to Mount Sinai. Out of all the holidays the Jewish people celebrate, Passover is arguably the most important one. This paper will explain how the Book of Exodus illustrates Passover and how Passover relates to Judaism on a larger scale. According to the Book of Exodus Passover marks the “birth” of the Jewish nation. (Wikipedia) This is said to be the “birth” of the Jewish nation because the ancestors of the Jews were freed from slavery by the Egyptians therefore allowing them to be servants of God. Passover is one of the three pilgrim festivals in which when the Temple in Jerusalem was still standing the entire Jewish population would travel to Jerusalem and visit the Temple in Jerusalem. Passover is a spring festival that occurs during the night of the full moon nearest the spring equinox. During Passover between twilight and dawn, each family eats a meal consisting of a sacrificial sheep. (Noss 385) The entire Passover
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Religion Paper 2 - Ayers 1 Matt Ayers Christa Robinson...

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