Notes 3-05-08 - enhancing interactions with customers in...

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Notes 3-05-08 Chapter 16 Continued Personal Selling Personal selling is more important if Product has a high value Product is custom made There are few customers (few profs, many students) Product is technically complex Customers are concentrated (sales territories: ex. 5 colleges, greater Hartford) Advertising and Sales Promotion are more important if: Product has a low value Product is standardized There are many customers Product is simple to understand Customers are geographically dispersed Personal Selling Advantages Detailed explanation or demonstration Variable sales message Directed to qualified prospects Controllable adjustable selling costs More effective than other promotion in obtaining sale and gaining customer satisfaction. Relationship Selling (Consultative Selling) Is a sales practice that involves building, maintaining, and
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Unformatted text preview: enhancing interactions with customers in order to develop long-term satisfaction through mutually beneficial partnerships. Traditional Selling vs. Relationship Selling • Traditional: o Sells products o Focus on closing sales o Limited sales planning o Discuss product o Assess “product-specific” needs o “lone wolf” approach o Pricing/ product focus o Short-term sales follow-up • Relationship Selling o Sell advice, assistance, counsel o Focus on customer’s bottom line o Sales planning is top priority o Build problem-solving environment o Conduct discovery in scope of operations o Team approach o Profit impact and strategic benefit focus o Long-term sales follow-up Traditional salesperson gets initial sales and some repeat sales; relationship salesperson gets those as well as successive sales....
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Notes 3-05-08 - enhancing interactions with customers in...

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