February-1 - Notes Day 6, 2-14-08 Sandwich example:...

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Sandwich example: sandwiches with whole wheat and lots of veggies are higher in fiber. Soyburger with veggies had the most fiber, hot dog had the least. 25 g/ day of fiber for women. Carbohydrate in Foods : 1 cup of milk: 12-15 g 1 slice bread: 15 g 1 serving fruit: 15 g 1 serving veggies: 5 g Carbohydrates in the diet Recommended CHO intake is 45-65% of calories (AMDR) AMDR : Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ranges Describes the % intake of kcals that should come from the energy nutrients Expressed as a range of values CHO in the diet Need at least 130 g / day to provide glucose for brain Daily value for 2000 kcals = 300g Variety of grains, fruits, vegetables Added sugar should not be more that 25% of calories – less is better 25 (F) 38 (M) grams / day of dietary fiber. Digestion and Absorption Mouth- salivary amylase ( digests 5% of starch) Small intestine o Pancrea tic amylase digests starch o Disaccharidases Lactase, maltase, sucrase End products: o Glucose, fructose, Galactose Fiber is not digested or absorbed. Carbohydrates in the Body In the liver, galactose and fructose are converted to glucose. CHO Metabolism Metabolism: Chemical reactions within organisms that maintain life. (getting energy from the foods we eat and producing new things.) Metabolic processes- extract energy from CHO, lipids, protein, and alcohol. Synthesize new molecules. Catabolic and Anabolic Reactions:
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February-1 - Notes Day 6, 2-14-08 Sandwich example:...

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