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Unformatted text preview: eft portion shows which layer the feature identified belongs to, while the right portion contains a complete list of the identified feature’s attributes. (Just below the layer name in the left side of the window, you will also see the primary display field value of the feature that was identified. The primary display field is defined by the user in the Layer Properties dialog box and usually contains values which are useful for labeling.) Layers drop-down list Layer of identified feature Primary display field value of the identified feature Complete list of attributes of the identified features 15 In the Identify Results window, choose cities from the Layers drop-down list. Try clicking on a county first, then click on any of the city points in the map display. 16 In the left-hand side of Identify Results window, click the primary display field value. While doing this keep an eye on the map display—you should see the associated feature flash in the map display when it is clicked in the Identify Results dialog. 17 Close the Identify Results window. GIS f or the Urban Environment 0 TASK 7 Select features 18 At the bottom of the TOC, click the Selection tab and uncheck all the layers in the TOC except country. (If the Selection tab is not visible, from the Tools menu, click Options. In the Table Of Contents tab of the Options dialog box, check the box next to Selection in the Table of Contents Tabs list.) The layers list in the Selection tab of the TOC allows you to control which features can and cannot be selected in the map. 19 On the Tools toolbar, click the Select Features tool. Place your mouse pointer on the map in the ocean just off Mauritania and click and drag a box around all of West Africa to Cameroon, as shown in the following graphic. After you define the selection extent, release the mouse button. Tip: If you aren’t sure about country names, use the Identify tool. But again, the box you draw doesn’t have to be exact. Two ✦  Exploring Basic GIS Functionality 1 ArcMap lets you know...
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