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Unformatted text preview: which features have been selected by highlighting them in the map display. You can also select features one by one by holding down the Shift key on your keyboard while you click on the features with the selection tool. 20 Using the Select Features tool, click Mauritania. (Remember to use the Identify tool if you need to.) Then hold down the Shift key and click on each country in West Africa until you have selected the sixteen countries. These are shown in the graphic. To make it easier to see where to click on the screen to select, try using the pan and zoom tools. TASK 8 View and sort selected data in a table 21 At the bottom of the TOC, click the Display tab. 22 View the attributes of the country layer. (Right-click the country layer in the TOC and choose Open Attribute Table.) The records of all the countries you have selected should now be highlighted in aqua color in the table. To see them you will have to scroll through the table to find each selected record. 2 GIS f or the Urban Environment 23 At the bottom of the attribute table, click the Selected button to show only the selected records. Now the entire table is highlighted because it’s showing only the selected country records. Notice also that along the bottom of the attribute table, the number of selected elements is reported. 24 Scroll across the table until you locate the CNTRY_NAME field, then rightclick on this field name and choose Sort Ascending. All the country names are now arranged alphabetically. 25 At the bottom of the attribute table click the All button to show all the features again. 26 Close the attribute table. TASK 9 Bookmark your geographic extent When you create a bookmark, ArcMap remembers the extent of the map display defined by the bookmark. This feature lets you return to it anytime. 27 From the View menu, point to Bookmarks, then click Create. Name the bookmark West Africa and click OK. This will save your West Africa extent in the map display. You can now return to it anytime, without having to use the zoom and pan too...
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