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Unformatted text preview: ble, take a few minutes to open and explore the attribute tables for the other layers in your map. Close the attribute tables when you are finished looking through their contents. TASK 5 Zoom and pan 10 On the Tools toolbar click the Fixed Zoom In button three times. After each click, wait for the map to redraw before clicking again. 11 On the Tools toolbar, click the Pan tool. Place your mouse pointer in the map display over the center of Africa. Click and hold down the mouse button and drag Africa to the center of the map display, then release the mouse button. If you accidentally change the map extent, and want to return to the previous extent, or you just want to zoom quickly between map extents, you can use the Go Back to Previous Extent and Go to Next Extent buttons.  GIS f or the Urban Environment 12 On the Tools toolbar, click the Go Back to Previous Extent button. After the map redraws, click the Go to Next Extent button to return to the extent in which Africa is centered in the map display. ArcMap also has two zoom tools that allow you to define the extent to which you zoom. 13 To reduce the clutter in your map, turn off (uncheck in the TOC) the latlong layer. On the Tools toolbar click the Zoom In tool. In the map, place your mouse cursor off the northwestern coast of Africa, then click and hold down the mouse button while you drag a box around the countries of West Africa—from Mauritania to Cameroon—as shown in the graphic below (the area doesn’t have to be exact). Once you’ve defined the map extent, release the mouse button. Two ✦  Exploring Basic GIS Functionality  TASK 6 Identify features 14 On the Tools toolbar, click the Identify tool , then click any country in West Africa. Review the attributes that appear in the window. At the top of the Identify Results window is the Layers drop-down list, which is used to choose the layer in which you want to identify features. Below the Layers drop-down list, the Identify Results window is split into two parts. The l...
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