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Unformatted text preview: ls. 28 On the Tools toolbar, click the Full Extent button. 29 From the View menu, point to Bookmarks and click West Africa. Two ✦  Exploring Basic GIS Functionality 3 TASK 10 Perform a simple query 30 From the Selection menu, choose Select By Attributes. The Select By Attributes dialog box allows you to enter a logical expression to find countries meeting specific criteria. In this case, you want to find all the countries from the current selection in West Africa that have populations of 10 million or more. 31 At the top of the Select By Attributes dialog box, click the Layer drop-down arrow and choose country from the list of layers. Click the Method dropdown arrow and choose Select from current selection. In the list of fields, double-click POP_CNTRY, then click the greater-than or equal-to operator ( > = ). In the expression box at the bottom of the dialog, type 10000000 after this operator. 32 Make sure your dialog box matches this graphic; click Apply, then Close. There should be six countries in West Africa that meet this criteria.  GIS f or the Urban Environment 33 From the Selection menu, choose Clear Selected Features. Selecting features with an attribute query is a matter of choosing which layer you want to select features from, then creating a logical expression which defines the criteria of your desired selection. You will learn more about attribute queries in lab exercise 8. TASK 11 Label features and edit the layer’s symbolization Now you are ready to label the map and change the symbology of some of the layers. 34 In the TOC, right-click the country layer and choose Label Features. Because the name field is the primary display field of the country layer, the countries are labeled with their name attributes. You may want to change the colors used to symbolize the country features. You can quickly do this by selecting a new color for a layer directly from the TOC. 35 In the TOC, right-click the color chip directly below the country layer. After the color palette appears, choose a color you like. Another way to symbolize data is to categorize the features in a layer based on a set of attribute values and to then choose a unique color for the features in each category...
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