Two exploring basic gis functionality task 2

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Unformatted text preview: r to be moved and dragging it with the mouse to the top of the list, while holding down the mouse button. Two ✦  Exploring Basic GIS Functionality  TASK 2 Toggle layer visibility When a layer is added to ArcMap, it is automatically turned on, which means that it is visible in the map display. You can toggle a layer’s visibility on and off by checking the box to the left of the layer name in the ArcMap TOC. Toggling a layer’s visibility is usually referred to as turning a layer off and on. 4 In the ArcMap table of contents, click the checkmark in the box next to the latlong layer to turn the layer off. Notice the change in the map display. Check the box next to the latlong layer to make it visible again. By turning layers on and off you can control what is visible in your map, which is useful for reducing clutter in the map display and keeping the map focused on a particular set of features or set of layers. TASK 3 Review the components of ArcMap In ArcMap your map can be viewed in Data View or Layout View. Data View is used to explore, edit, and analyze spatial data. Layout View is your cartographic environment, where you build your map by assembling map frames, tables, charts, and other elements such as north arrows and scale bars. 5 From the View menu, click Layout View. The tools and menus available in Data View are also available in Layout View, but the advantage of Layout View is the ability to see the map on a virtual page, or layout page, that reflects the size and orientation of the page chosen in the Page and Print Setup dialog box. 6 From the View menu, click Data View. You can also toggle between Data View and Layout View by clicking the two small buttons (one has a globe icon, the other a page icon) in the lower left corner of the map display.  GIS f or the Urban Environment Other than Data View and Layout View, the default ArcMap interface is made up of the following components: Menu bar Standard toolbar Table of contents (TOC) Map display Drawing...
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