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topic3-evidence for Evolution

2 bya biological molecules 37 bya how old is the

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Unformatted text preview: older fossils younger geological layers sit on top of older geological layers Radiometric Dating half life •  How long has life been on earth? –  ~2 BYA –  Biological molecules – 3.7 BYA How Old is the Earth? Fig. 2.26, pg. 63 Read Box 2.3 on page 64 ca 4.6 Billion Years The Geological Calendar Text p 62 The calendar is divided into Eons, Eras, Periods, and Epochs Let’s Compress the Earth’s Entire History into a Single Year •  Multicellular organisms don’t appear in the ocean until late June year is half over •  Land plants appear in late November •  The swamps that formed the world’s coal deposits during the Pennsylvanian thrived for about four days in early December Let’s Compress the Earth’s Entire History into a Single Year •  Dinosaurs dominated the planet in mid December, but then went extinct on Boxing Day, at about the same time that the Rocky Mountains were uplifted •  Man like animals appear during the evening of December 31st Let’s compress the Earth’s Entire History into a Single Yea...
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