topic3-evidence for Evolution

Columbus arrived in the americas 3 seconds before

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Unformatted text preview: r •  The most recent glaciers receded from the Waterloo Area about 75 seconds before midnight on Dec 31st •  The Roman Empire ruled the western world for 5 seconds, from 11:59:45 pm till 11:59:50 pm on Dec 31st. •  Columbus arrived in the America’s 3 seconds before midnight on Dec 31st The Ostrich: a Ratite Bird Correspondence among scientific data sets •  Plate tectonics- central principle since 1960’s •  Geologists can determine how continents have moved over time •  Continental drift and the fossil record provide strong evidence that the Earth and it’s life forms have changed through time Summary •  Theory of Evolution: provides a logical explanation for a wide range of observations and makes predictions that can be tested scientifically –  Species change through time –  Species are related through descent and common ancestry •  Evidence Supporting Evolution –  Homologies exist, vestigial structures, transitional species –  Geographic groupings of species, direct observation of evolutionary change –  Living and fossil data sets, Molecular Data –  Extinction/radiations –  Geological data –  Correlation of data sets...
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