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topic3-evidence for Evolution

Ring species are an example of such evidence songs

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Unformatted text preview: es If evolution occurs, we should see evidence of single species in the process of diverging into two or more species. Ring species are an example of such evidence. -songs have changed so much that species that meet in the middle (hatched) area no longer recognize each other and mate use to occur in this area but because of deforestation have moved Siberian Greenish Warbler The Age of the Earth •  Idea of special creation –  Earth is ~6000 years old (Arch Bishop Ussher) •  Evidence provided by Geologists began mounting against this in the 18th century •  Uniformitarianism (Hutton/ Lyell) vs. Catastrophism –  Geologists recognized that considerable amounts of time were required to build mountains (orogeny), as well as create the geological strata observed in nature. Based on geological evidence, it was recognized that a 6000 year old Earth and catastrophism were not possibilities Fundamental Geological Principles Principle of Superposition: Younger geological layers sit on top of older ones Principle of original Horizontality: Lava and sedimentary rocks were originally laid down in a horizontal position Principle of Cross Cutting Relationships: Rocks that intrude into other rocks are younger than their host rocks Principle of Inclusions: Boulders or other fragments found in a body of rock are older than their host rocks Principle of Faunal Succession: More recent fossils are more similar to existing life forms than...
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