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topic3-evidence for Evolution

Gene will be inherited by a lot more taxa older pgene

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Unformatted text preview: he mutations -should see a very strong phylogentic change in the age of pseudogene Homology: Pseudogenes old p.gene will be inherited by a lot more taxa -older p.gene is the more organisms we expect to posses it molecular homology -"genetic errors" that have been inherited exactly as evolution would predict Structural Homologies: Vertebrates same design natural selection "tinkering" with a basic plan Fig 2.8 p54 Structural Homologies: Plants similarities as a result of a similar common ancestor Developmental Homologies pharyngeal puches in fish become gils -in humans, they close Male Hernias: A problem resulting from a developmental homology -consequence of homology Scientific America, January 2009 -all organisms (spare a few) use the same genetic code -bees, ants use a slightly diferent code Homology: The genetic code Homology: The genetic machinery -ribosomal genes are some of the most conserved genes -very similar across a wide variety of species Analogy (non homology) Shark Killer Whale Side Note: Great White Shark (20 ft, 4 tons) Megalodon (perhaps 70 ft, 50 tons) Evidence for Evolution: Ring Speci...
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