topic3-evidence for Evolution

Should see the same organisms that exist today

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Unformatted text preview: Hypothesis and Testing It with The Fossil Record Null Hypothesis: Evolution has not occurred Prediction: We should see the same organisms that exist today throughout the entire Fossil Record Alternate Hypothesis: Evolution has Occurred Prediction: We should see changes in the organisms that have inhabited the Earth throughout the fossil record, and there should be strong geographic patterns with respect to the similarity of organisms within the fossil record, and those that exist today Evidence for Descent with Modification: Fossil Record •  Extinction: E.g. Irish elk and Trilobites george couvier (father of palaeontology) --> detailed anatomical work and showed that the elk was not a moose Geographic Patterns in the Fossil Record Text p 45, fig 2.9 extant- organisms that are present today The Law of Succession: fossils in a given geographic region are more closely related to the extant fauna of that region than they are to organisms in a different geographic region what you would expect from evolution Evidence...
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