topic3-evidence for Evolution

Tiger and jaguar share the same most common recent

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Unformatted text preview: DIFFERENT phylogentic network Example: Is the Tiger more closely related to the Jaguar or the Snow leopard? tiger and jaguar share the same "most common recent ancestor" tiger and snow leopard share the most recent common recent ancestor the most recent common ancestor for the tiger and SL is further down the time line than the shared ancestor for the tiger and jaguar therefore, the tiger is more closely related to the jaguar Example: Making Evolutionary Inferences with phylogenetic trees Evidence for common ancestry: Homology Studies in comparative anatomy, embryology, physiology and genetics have revealed striking similarities among organisms that provide extremely powerful evidence for descent with modification. We now understand that these similarities are homologies (similarity resulting from common ancestry) These include structural homologies, developmental homologies, and genetic homologies exons- expressed part of DNA -occur mutations at a rapid rate -determine age of pseudogenes by comparing the pseudogene to its parent gene and counting t...
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