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Interpretation & Argument Instructor Phillips One page response to Black. White The Perception is only Superficial The purpose of making the film, “ Black. White ,” is straight-forward as to reveal our everyday judgments on others superficially based on appearance. This documentary shows that our perceptions on racial Others, made within their visual character, are so sensory, illogical, and careless that it is often stereotyped with false impression. Black. White demonstrates the ludicrous change of attitude from most of us regarding people with different skin colors by showing the disguised black family members into white people with make-ups (vice versa). The unexpected surprise was that slight differences
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Unformatted text preview: such as the style of language, body movements, or voice that seem peculiar when we notice as we see them were not noticeable at all as their disguised appearance changed to represent different ethnicity. This discovery hints that large parts of differences we perceive as the racial Other’s character are far from their inherent nature; in fact, what we believe as our perception on the others is swayed by superficial changes in their outlook. Black. White attempts to disclose the very narrow-minded nature of our Othering process, which blocks our chances of communication with their inner self because of the perception mechanism that primes visuals as the central judgment....
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