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Peer Review of (insert title here) For Writer: By Reviewer: Remember that your goal is to catalog your own responses or impressions as a reader. You are DESCRIBING the text rather than prescribing solutions. Any solutions you offer MUST be supported by your description of your peer’s text. Introduction: 1) Does your peer explicitly mention the full name of the author and the title of the article he/she is summarizing? Yes. He mentions the name in the first sentence. 2) Does the introduction describe the issue/problem on which Richard Rodriguez takes a stance? If you hadn’t read the text, would this issue be clear to you, or what information would you need for clarity? He introduces useful information—including the history of bilingual education in the U.S.—to clarify bilingual education process in the U.S. He also mentions the opinions of proponents and opponents of bilingual education step by step. 3) What’s the main claim? Write it below. Bilingual education slows down the process of public education for “socially disadvantaged” students. The proponents of bilingual education falsely describes that native culture is necessary for transition into public culture. Bilingual education can not preserve native cultural heritage within those “socially-
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PeerReviewRodriguez - reviewed-A - Peer Review of(insert...

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