Selective Essay (Rodriguez and Hayakawa)-A

Selective Essay (Rodriguez and Hayakawa)-A - 76100 Dr Di...

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76100 Dr. Di Prete CMU Selective essay Final Draft (Rodriguez and Hayakawa) Essential Question: “Do your chosen authors regard assimilation for immigrants or children of immigrants as necessary in the US? Why/why not? Since the mid 19 th century, Bilingual Education has been regarded as a key to the conglomeration of American society. For those immigrant children who are in limbo between their native language and English, many fervent educators bolstered the bilingual education to enliven their cultural heritage in opposition to crude assimilation to the U.S. Over the decades, however, bilingual education failed in many ways to prove itself as a helpful tool for the children to adjust to the major society; in fact, people such as Samuel Hayakawa and Richard Rodriguez —those policy makers and educators—begin to pronounce that bilingual education hinders the process of learning English and adapting to the society. Although both the authors do not demand children of immigrants that they eliminate their cultural heritage, they support the assimilation strictly in terms of language, knowing that English language is the essential means for their adjustment. This is why Rodriguez and Hayakawa require those socially segregated people to acquaint with English because then they can exercise their rights as American citizens. In other words, they both consider English proficiency as the useful instrument as well as the prerequisite for assimilation. Hence, both Hayakawa and Rodriguez’s major argument is connected exclusively to rebuttal
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Selective Essay (Rodriguez and Hayakawa)-A - 76100 Dr Di...

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