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76100 Dr. Di Prete CMU Summary of Troutt’s essay David D. Troutt expresses the repercussion of the current administration of Ebonics, the black English vernacular, in the United States in his essay, “The Defining who we are.” In incorporating the communities, Troutt recognizes the importance of the role of the language. Troutt disapproves Ebonics the current education for many black children, which was set to familiarize the Black language in the proper form of English, because the system
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Unformatted text preview: only promotes the separation between black and white people. He analyzes that fluency in language is property, and thus not following the middle class white English will result in their separation. Troutt was particularly worried that black society, applying Ebonics chronically, will keep being separated from the mainstream American society and urge people to seek other methods of education....
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