First draft of Summary of Chabon's essay-A

First draft of Summary of Chabon's essay-A - Should a...

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Should a society censor a teenager’s work of art to prevent a crime from happening? To public’s sentiment consenting on the issue, Chabon criticizes those who find a cause of a crime in a wrong place. Chabon argues against censorship because not only does it deny the freedom of expression enshrined in the Bill of Rights, but it exacerbates human need to share and foster imagination through a work of art with which he/she nourishes an understanding of what should not happen in a real scene. Chabon charges the society’s failure to protect teenagers’ rights and social needs by beginning his argument with a victimized student at the academy of Art University, wrongfully accused of committing a possible violent crime because of the society’s fear and frenzied response to its own safety. He censures a hypocritical and “iniquitous” measure on the prosecution of censorship as “not merely the denial of teenagers’ rights in the name of their own protection, but the denial of their humanity in the name of preserving
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