specifies a list for data input an error ma error

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Unformatted text preview: ernal rate of return • 3(PBP) ......... Pay back period • 4(NFV) ......... Net future value • 5('LIST) ..... Inputs data from a list • 6(LIST) ......... Specifies a list for data input • An error (Ma ERROR) occurs if parameters are not configured correctly. Use the following function keys to maneuver between calculation result screens. • 1(REPT) ...... Parameter input screen • 6(GRPH) ..... Draws graph 20011101 20010101 2-4-3 Cash Flow (Investment Appraisal) After drawing a graph, you can press 1(TRACE) to turn on trace and read calculation results along the graph. Press i to turn off trace. Press i again to return to the parameter input screen. 20010101 2-5-1 Amortization 2-5 Amortization This calculator can be used to calculate the principal and interest portion of a monthly installment, the remaining principal, and amount of principal and interest repaid up to any point. u Formula ;;;;; e ;;;;; ;;;;; ;;;;; ;;;;; ;;;;; ;;;;; ;;;;; d ;;;;; ;;;;; 12 m Amount of single payment ;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;; ;; ;;;;;; ;;;;;; ;;;;;; ;;;;;; ; ;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;; a b n (Number of payments) a: interest portion of installment PM1 (INT ) b: principal portion of installment PM1 (PRN ) c: balance of principal after installment PM2 (BAL ) d: total principal from installment PM1 to payment of installment PM2 ( ΣPRN ) e: total interest from installment PM1 to payment of installment PM2 (ΣINT ) * a + b = one repay...
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