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specifies beginning of the period end of the period

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Unformatted text preview: /{END} ........ Specifies {beginning of the period} / {end of the period} payment u Date Mode • {365}/{360} ......... Specifies calculation according to a {365-day} / {360-day} year u Periods/YR. (Bond) • {Annual }/{SEMI} ... Indicates an {annual} / {semi-annual} period Note the following points regarding SET UP screen settings whenever using the Financial Mode. • Drawing a financial graph while the Label item is turned on, displays the label CASH for the vertical axis (deposits, withdrawals), and TIME for the horizontal axis (frequency). Axis labels do not appear on the TVM graph. • The number of display digits applied in the Financial Mode is different from the number of digits used in other modes. The calculators automatically reverts to Norm 1 whenever you enter the Financial Mode, which cancels a Sci (number of significant digits) or Eng (engineering notation) setting made in another mode. k Graphing in the TVM Mode After performing a financial calculation, you can use 6 (GRPH) to graph the result...
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