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Unformatted text preview: .. Compound interest screen • An error (Ma ERROR) occurs if parameters are not configured correctly. Use the following function keys to maneuver between calculation result screens. • 1(REPT) ....... Parameter input screen • 4(CMPD) ...... Compound interest screen • 6(GRPH) ...... Draws graph After drawing a graph, you can press 1 (TRACE) to turn on trace and read calculation results along the graph. The first press of 1(TRACE) displays INT and PRN when n = 1. Each press of e shows INT and PRN when n = 2, n = 3, and so on. Press i to turn off trace. Press i again to return to the parameter input screen. 20010101 2-6-1 Interest Rate Conversion 2-6 Interest Rate Conversion The procedures in this section describe how to convert between the annual percentage rate and effective interest rate. u Formula n EFF = 1 + APR/100 –1 × 100 n APR = 1 + EFF 100 1 n APR : annual percentage rate (%) EFF : effective interest rate (%) n : number of compoundings –1 × n ×100 Press 5(CNVT) in t...
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