1x assigns highlighted parameter to the x axis 2y

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Unformatted text preview: parameters ( n, I%, PV, PMT, FV) to the x-axis and y-axis of a graph, and plot changes in y as the value of x changes. Press 5(TVMG) from the Financial 2 screen to display the following input screen for TVM Graph. 6( g)5(TVMG) After configuring the parameters, press the function keys noted below to assign parameters to the x-axis and y-axis. • 1(X) ... Assigns highlighted parameter to the x-axis • 2(Y) ... Assigns highlighted parameter to the y-axis After making the required settings, draw the graph. • 6(GRPH) ... Draws graph After drawing a graph, you can press 1 (TRACE) to turn on trace and read calculation results along the graph. Press i to turn off trace. 20010...
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