Because of this interest calculation results produced

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Unformatted text preview: od, which produces approximate values whose precision can be affected by various calculation conditions. Because of this, interest calculation results produced by this calculator should be used keeping the above limitation in mind or the results should be verified. 20010101 2-3-4 Compound Interest After configuring the parameters, press one of the function keys noted below to perform the corresponding calculation. • 1 (n) ............ Number of compound periods • 2 (I%) .......... Annual interest rate • 3 (PV) ......... Present value (Loan: loan amount; Savings: balance) • 4 (PMT) ....... Payment (Loan: installment; Savings: deposit) • 5 (FV) .......... Future value (Loan: unpaid balance; Savings: principal plus interest) • 6 (AMT) ....... Amortization screen • An error (Ma ERROR) occurs if parameters are not configured correctly. Use the following function keys to maneuver between calculation result screens. • 1 (REPT) ..... Parameter input screen • 4 (AMT) ....... Amortization screen • 6 (GRP...
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