Daydate calculations are also performed in accordance

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Unformatted text preview: own below to appear on the display. when the 360-day year is set. Attempting to do so causes an error. # The set up screen can be used to specify either a 365-day or 360-day year for financial calculations. Day/date calculations are also performed in accordance with the current setting for number of days in the year, but the following calculations cannot be performed (Date) + (Number of Days) (Date) – (Number of Days) # The allowable calculation range is January 1, 1901 to December 31, 2099. 20010101 2-8-2 Day/Date Calculations Input the month, day, and year, pressing w after each. After configuring the parameters, press one of the function keys noted below to perform the corresponding calculation. • 1(PRD) ........ Number of days from d1 to d2 (d2 – d1) • 2(d1+D) ....... d1 plus a number of days (d1 + D) • 3(d1 – D) ..... d1 minus a number of days (d1 – D) • An error (Ma ERROR) occurs if parameters are not configured correctly. Use the following function key to maneuver bet...
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