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Pressing 1 trace while a graph is on the display

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Unformatted text preview: s as shown below. • Pressing 1 (TRACE) while a graph is on the display activates Trace, which can be used to look up other financial values. In the case of simple interest, for example, pressing e displays PV, SI, and SFV. Pressing d displays the same values in reverse sequence. • Zoom, Scroll, and Sketch cannot be used in the Financial Mode. • Whether you should use a positive or a negative value for the present value (PV) or the purchase price (PRC) depends on the type of calculation you are trying to perform. • Note that graphs should be used only for reference purposes when viewing TVM Mode calculation results. • Note that calculation results produced in this mode should be regarded as reference values only. • Whenever performing an actual financial transaction, be sure to check any calculation results obtained using this calculator with against the figures calculated by your financial institution. 20010101 2-2-1 Simple Interest 2-2 Simple Interest This calculator uses the following formula...
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