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2 perform steps 1 and 2 of the procedure under to

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Unformatted text preview: 9850 Series and fx-7400 Series models. 20010101 4-4-2 Program Converter 3. Press w. • This starts conversion of the setup data to a program. • The message “Complete!” appears when conversion is complete. u To convert setup data to a program and transfer it to a CFX-9850 Series/ fx-7400 Series calculator 1. Connect the scientific calculator (CFX-9850 Series or fx-7400 Series) to the ALGEBRA calculator. • Perform the necessary procedure on the scientific calculator to set it up to receive data. 2. Perform steps 1 and 2 of the procedure under “To convert a setup to a program” on page 4-4-1. 3. Press 1 (TRNS). On the sub-menu that appears, specify the type of scientific calculator ( b: FX9850 or c: fx7400) for which you want to create a program. • Program conversion and transfer starts as soon as you specify a calculator model. • The message “Complete!” appears when conversion is complete. # When you convent setup data to a CFX-9850 Series or fx-7400 Series program, any sample value storage list number greater than 5 is changed to 5. # CFX-9850 Series or fx-7400 Series calculators support up to six lists only. # List 6 is used for EA-100 setup. 20010101 4-5-1 Starting a Sampling Operation 4-5 Starting a Sampling Operation The section describes how to use a setup created using the E-CON Mode to start an EA-100 sampling operation. k Before getting started... Be sure to perform the following steps before starting sampling with the EA-100. 1. Connect the calculator to the EA-100. 2. Turn on EA-100 power. 3. In accordance with the setup you plan to use, connect the proper sensor to the appropriate EA-100 channel. 4. Prepare the item whose data is to be sampled. k Starting a Sampling Operation A sampling operation can be started when any one of the following conditions exist. • After creating a new setup with Setup Wizard See step 7 under “To create an EA-100 setup using Setup Wizard” on page 4-2-2. • After creating a new setup with Advanced Setup See...
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