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Unformatted text preview: ..... Channel 1 • 3 (CH2) ........ Channel 2 • 4 (CH3) ........ Channel 3 • Specifying CH1, CH2, or CH3 as the trigger source displays the specified channel’s sensor name, trigger threshold initial value, measurement unit, and trigger edge initial value. (2) Trigger Threshold (Threshold) • 1 (EDIT) ....... Displays a dialog box for inputting the trigger threshold. This option is available only when CH1, CH2, or CH3 is specified as the trigger source. (3) Trigger Edge (Edge) • 1 (Rise) ........ Rising edge triggers sampling • 2 (Fall) .......... Falling edge triggers sampling 3. After all the settings are the way you want, press w to return to the Advanced Setup menu. 20011101 20010101 4-2-10 EA-100 Setup Option Use the Option Setup screen to make View Window settings, to specify the channel for realtime sampling, and to make filter settings. • To change Option Setup settings 1. While the Advanced Setup menu is on the display, press e (Option). • This displays the Option Setup screen. Selected item Current setting of selected item 2. Use the function key operations described below to change Option Setup settings. • To change the setting of an item, first use the f and c cursor keys to move the highlighting to the item. Next, use the function keys to select the setting you want. (1) View Window Settings (V-Window) • 1 (Auto) ........ Makes View Window settings automatically. • 2 (Man) ........ Enables manual View Window settings. • 3 (Set • Y) ...... Displays screens for specifying the Y-axis (sample data) minimum value (Ymin) and maximum value (Ymax). (2) Real-time Settings (Real-Time) • 1 (NO) .......... Disables real-time sampling. • 2 (YES) ........ Enables real-time sampling. • Note that this item is linked with the Real-Time item of the Sample Setup on page 4-2-7. 20010101 4-2-11 EA-100 Setup (3) Real-time Sampling Channel (Use CH) • 1 (CH1) ........ Channel 1 • 2 (CH2) ........ Channel 2 • 3 (CH3) ........ Channel 3 • 4 (SONIC) .... Sonic...
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