3 gate starts sampling in accordance with the

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Unformatted text preview: er value, and enables fixedinterval sampling. • 2 (KEY) ........ Starts sampling operation that uses the EA-100 [TRIGGER] key. The [TRIGGER] key must be pressed the number of times specified for the number of samples. • 3 (GATE) ...... Starts sampling in accordance with the Photogate Gate Status trigger timing. Press 1 , 2, or 3 to specify the channel of the Photogate sensor. Photogate is assigned to the sensor of the specified channel. (3) Number of Samples (Number) • 1 (NUM) ....... Displays a dialog box for specifying the number of samples by inputting a value from 1 to 255. 20011101 20010101 4-2-8 EA-100 Setup (4) Measurement Time Recording Method (Rec Time) • 1 (None) ....... No time recorded. • 2 (Abs) ......... Absolute time in seconds from start of sampling • 3 (Rel) .......... Relative time (interval between samples) in seconds • 4 (Int A) ........ Absolute time calculated from sampling interval and number of samples • 5 (Int R) ........ Relative time calculated from sampling interval and number of samples (5) Sample Data Storage Location (Store Data) • 1 (LIST) ........ Displays a dialog box for specifying the list (1 to 20) for storing sample data. 3. After all the settings are the way you want, press w to return to the Advanced Setup menu. Trigger Use the Trigger Setup screen to specify the following measurement start (trigger) conditions: trigger source, trigger threshold, trigger edge. • To change Trigger Setup settings 1. While the Advanced Setup menu is on the display, press d (Trigger). • This displays the Trigger Setup screen. Selected item Current setting of selected item 20010101 4-2-9 EA-100 Setup 2. Use the function key operations described below to change Trigger Setup settings. • To change the setting of an item, first use the f and c cursor keys to move the highlighting to the item. Next, use the function keys to select the setting you want. (1) Trigger Source (Source) • 1 (KEY) b([EXE]) .......... Calculator w key press starts sampling. c(TRIGER) ...... EA-100 [TRIGGER] key press starts sampling. • 2 (CH1) ......
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