See creating an ea 100 setup using advanced setup for

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Unformatted text preview: screen for more detailed control over the parameters that make up the setup in the current setup memory area. See “Creating an EA-100 Setup Using Advanced Setup” for more information about changing advanced setup parameters. 20011101 20010101 4-2-4 EA-100 Setup k Creating an EA-100 Setup Using Advanced Setup Advanced Setup provides you with total control over a number of parameters that you can adjust to create the EA-100 setup that suits your particular needs. u To create an EA-100 setup using Advanced Setup The following procedure describes the general steps for using Advanced Setup. Refer to the pages as noted for more information. 1. Display the E-CON main menu. 2. Press 1(SETUP). This displays the “Setup EA-100” sub-menu. 3. Press c(Advan). This displays the Advanced Setup menu. 4. If you want to configure a custom probe at this point, press f(Custom Probe). Next, follow the steps under “To configure a custom probe starting from the Advanced Setup menu” on page 4-2-12. • You can also configure a custom probe during the procedure under “To change Channel parameter settings” on page 4-2-6. • Custom probe configurations you have stored in memory can be selected using Channel in step 5, below. 5. Use the Advanced Setup function keys described below to set other parameters. • b (Channel) .... Displays a screen for setting the following parameters: sampling channel, sensor, sensor configuration, and storage location for sample data (page 4-2-5). • c (Sample) ..... Displays a screen for setting the following parameters: real-time settings, sampling interval, number of samples, measurement time recording method, and storage location for measurement time records (page 4-2-7). • d (Trigger) ...... Displays a screen for setting sampling start (trigger) conditions (page 4-2-8). • e (Option) ....... Displays a screen for making View Window settings, real-time settings (channel for real-time sampling), and filter settings (page 4-2-10). 20010101 4-2-5 EA-100 Setup • You can ret...
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