To clear the confirmation message without deleting

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Unformatted text preview: ocedure when you want to delete the configuration of a custom probe. 1. Display the Custom Probe List. 2. Select the custom probe whose configuration you want to delete. • Use the f and c cursor keys to highlight the name of the custom probe you want. 3. Press 4(DEL). 4. In response to the confirmation message that appears, press w to delete the custom probe configuration. • To clear the confirmation message without deleting anything, press i . 20011101 20010101 4-2-14 EA-100 Setup u To use the MULTIMETER Mode You can use the Channel parameter settings of Advanced Setup to configure a channel so that EA-100 MULTIMETER Mode sampling is triggered by a calculator operation. 1. Use the Channel parameter setting Sensor item to configure a sensor. • See “To create an EA-100 setup using Advanced Setup” on page 4-2-4 for more information. 2. After making the required settings, press w to display the Advanced Setup menu and then press 2 (MULT). • This displays the channel selection screen for MULTIMETER Mode sampling. 3. Specify a channel for sampling. • Pressing a function key to specify a channel causes the EA-100 to enter the MULTIMETER Mode and start sampling over the specified channel. 4. To stop MULTIMETER Mode sampling, first press the A key. After the Break screen appears, press i . • Sample data is updated at intervals of 0.52 second. • Do not have sensors connected to channels other than the one you specify in step 3. However, it is not necessary to specify “None” for the Channel parameter Sensor item for the unused channels. • Sample data is not stored in memory. 20011101 20010101 4-3-1 Setup Memory 4-3 Setup Memory You can use setup memory to save EA-100 setups you create using Setup Wizard or Advanced Setup in calculator memory for later recall when you need them. k Saving a Setup A setup can be saved when any one of the following conditions exist. • After creating a new setup with Setup Wizard See step 7 under “To create an EA-100 setup using Set...
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