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Unformatted text preview: s they appear. u Setup Wizard parameters Setup Wizard lets you make changes to the following three EA-100 basic sampling parameters using an interactive wizard format. • Sensor (Select Sensor) Specify a CASIO or VERNIER*1 sensor from a menu of choices. • Sampling Interval (Sampling Time) When you have Photogate specified as the sensor type, you can specify the sampling timing (Gate Status) and sampling time recording method (Record Time) with this parameter. • Number of Samples (Number of Samples) You can specify a value from 1 to 255. Note the following limitations that apply to a setup made using Setup Wizard. • You can use Setup Wizard only when the EA-100 sampling channel is CH1 or SONIC. • The trigger for a Setup Wizard setup is always the w key. • Sampling results are always stored in List 1 (for the sampling time) and List 2 (for sample values). * 1 Vernier Software & Technology 20010101 4-2-2 EA-100 Setup u To create an EA-100 setup using Setup Wizard Before getting started... • Before starting the procedure below, make sure you first decide if you want to start sampling immediately using the setup you create with Setup Wizard, or if you want to store the setup for later sampling. • See sections 4-3, 4-4, and 4-5 of this manual for information about procedures required to start sampling and to store a setup. We recommend that you read through the entire procedure first, referencing the other sections and pages as noted, before actually trying to perform it. • To terminate Setup Wizard part way through and cancel the setup, press !i(QUIT). 1. Display the E-CON main menu. 2. Press 1(SETUP). This displays the “Setup EA-100” sub-menu. 3. Press b(Wizard). This displays the Setup Wizard initial screen. 4. Press any key to start Setup Wizard and display the sensor specification screen. • Press 1 to specify a CASIO sensor, or 2 to specify a VERNIER sensor. From the menu of supported sensors that appears, select the one you want. 5. The screen that appears after you select a sensor in step 4 depends on wheth...
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