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76100 RWAC Dr. Di Prete CMU Nov 10, 2007 Summary of Napoli’s Essay “Should the U.S. Adopt English as the Official Language and Overhaul the Educational System Accordingly?” Napoli is a strong proponent to apply English as an official language of the U.S. In his essay, he describes the motivation that many Americans partake in the English Only Movement (EOM) and defends the good reasons why the EOM will cope with the U.S. education system. He supports English Only Movement based on the financial issue and for the setup of proper educational system. Napoli does not take a stand to claim that using English as an official language is the only solution to the current linguistic conflicts, and not the bilingual education, in the U.S. since bilingual education has not been proved to be
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Unformatted text preview: ineffective. However, he ardently advises that American education system stay away from the bilingual education, indicating the funding shortage. Napoli argues that with the current educational foundation, communities cannot provide the full extent of bilingual education because operating the education costs too much. Napoli states two more unstated clues that EOM is supported by many others: patriotism and a general problem with miscommunication. He hopes that further studies convincing the ineffectiveness of bilingual education will boost even rapidly the EOM and process to adopt English as an official language....
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