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76101 / Professor Phillips Argument Summary of Dubois’s “Of Our Spiritual Strivings” Rough Draft Self-consciousness as Effective Survival Mechanism The most effective method of dominating a foreign country after a physical invasion is to efface their mental culture and force the people to follow the invader’s culture. Centuries ago, Mongolia compelled vassal countries to change their citizen’s hairstyle to theirs; during the World War II, Japanese imperialists systematically tried to uproot languages of nations they occupied as to fortify Japanese dominion overseas. On the other hand, those who attempted to defend their language and traditions were also aware why it is so critical to keep their culture: without it, the people are absent of historical, mental grounds which assure their identity. Once at its loss, they are the cultural orphans, not knowing their originality, unconscious of who they are, and destined to navigate life without guidance. The fight on the cultural realm was secondary but more deadly in terms of mental damage. In this token, W.E.B. Du Bois, deeply aware of this vicious cycle, decides to devote his life to awakening the African American society. However, the self-awakening movement he tries to promote did not have a clear antagonist—or against what system of concepts should black people protest. The reality that black people were not technically dominated by Anglo-whites after Emancipation but that they still did not grasp the life upon ultimate freedom aggravates a difficulty for Dubois to enlighten his people. Yet, notwithstanding his knowledge of the racial tension in the
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U.S., Dubois still encourages black pride and inspires a racial coherence among the black people.
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English 101 - Argument Summary Rough Draft-A - 76101 /...

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