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Unformatted text preview: ation of sodium in their At sweat, consume large/excessive quantities of water, or exercise long periods of time (4-6 hours) Recommendations Recommendations The RDA committee recommends that under The normal dietary and environmental conditions adults need between 1 and 1.5 ml. of water adults for each calorie spent in a day. each At minimum: adults need 1 to 3 liters of fluid to At replace daily water losses. replace Goals: Goals: To satisfy thirst To Consume adequate water in proportion to kcal. Consume expenditure expenditure Maintain at least minimum urine output Replace lost water Replace Sources of Water Sources Beverages - supply about 1000-1500 ml. Beverages per day per Solid foods - supply 500-1000 ml. per day Metabolic Water 240 ml (or cc’s) = 8 oz. Example of fruits and vegetables high in water include: Fruits Fruits Watermelon Watermelon Citrus fruits Grapes Apples Papaya Strawberries Apricots Cherries Vegetables Vegetables Carrots Carrots Bell peppers Lettuce Tomato Cucumber Squash Celery Broccoli Cauliflower Spinach Tips for increasing water intake Tips Why Choose Water? Why It has no calories. Is naturally low in sodium (if not soft Is water), fat and cholesterol water), It has no caffeine It's FREE It's refreshing! Hard vs. Soft Water Hard Hard water: has a high concentration of calcium and has magnesium magnesium Soft water: iis high in sodium s Bottled Waters Bottled By Definition: By As far as the U.S. Food and Drug As Administration (FDA) is concerned, "bottled water" is water intended specifically for drinking by humans, does not include any added carbonation or flavoring and is packaged in a sanitary, food-grade container. Enormous Growth in Sales of Bottled Water Bottled Water Terms Water Artesian water Carbonated Water Distilled Water Filtered Water Mineral Water Natural Sparkling Natural Water Water Public Water Purified Water Spring Water Well Water Bottled Waters Bottled Is bottled water safer than tap water? If both are considered If safe, why drink bottled water? water? Any advantage to using bo...
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