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Unformatted text preview: e may be contaminated with hazardous Some amounts of arsenic, cadmium, mercury, & lead lead Supplements with Vit. D can cause toxicity if Supplements excessive excessive If taken in amounts 2x the If recommendation, excess blood calcium occurs occurs Urinary tract stones or kidney damage Urinary may occur Disturbance in the acid-base balance of Disturbance the blood causing alkalosis the Constipation, intestinal bloating, & Constipation, excess gas excess Proper way to take a Calcium Supplement: Supplement: Between meals or at different times throughout the day Divide the doses in half, one in the morning, one in the Divide evening, to get the best absorption Consider the form they come in and their absorbability Consider calcium carbonate: take w/meals and calcium calcium citrate: take without regard to food – calcium absorption is not affected]. absorption Read the labels and make sure they do not contain aluminum contain Don't take excessive amounts Don't If you live in the north and/or don’t get If enough sun, vitamin D should be taken with calcium. 200 to 400 IU of D per 1000 mg. of Calcium Calcium Food is still the best way to obtain your Food calcium! calcium! Reminder: Reminder: PIP article & summary due today (with PIP graded bib) graded PDE Parts 10 and 11 due on Tuesday Oct. PDE 26th. 26 Exam 2 study guide is on blackboard. Exam Exam on Thurs. Oct. 28th. Exam...
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