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Calcium hormones level level bone is dynamic tissue

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Unformatted text preview: t adults Needs increase during growth, infancy, Needs adolescents, and pregnancy adolescents, Absorption is dependent Absorption upon upon Adequate vitamin D Adequate Acid condition in the GI tract Acid Lactose Lactose Ingestion of small amounts throughout Ingestion the day Physiological need Decreased Absorption happens if: if: Calcium is bound with oxalic and phytic Calcium acids It moves quickly through the intestine by It laxatives or a very high fiber diet laxatives High fat diets are eaten Lack of proper exercise, decreases Lack absorption Experiencing high stress levels Experiencing Caffeine and phosphorus are consumed in Caffeine excess excess DEFICIENCY: Osteoporosis DEFICIENCY A "painful and crippling bone disease "painful Leads to shortened stature, low back pain, Leads crippling deformities, irreparable fractures, and even death and Affects more than 25 million Americans, Affects mostly women mostly One in 2 women are at risk of developing One fractures caused by it fractures Osteoporosis Osteoporosis Those at risk: Those Women Caucasians and Asians have a > risk than AfricanAmericans Those after middle age Inactive adults Smokers Heavy alcohol drinkers Decrease in estrogen with menopause Women who lose their period Women Underweight people Those with a family history of osteoporosis Chronic low calcium intake DEFICIENCY: DEFICIENCY Osteomalacia Speeds periodontal Speeds disease HTN HTN Muscle spasms Muscle UL = 2.5 g or 2500 UL mg/day Food Sources of Calcium Food Milk, yogurt, cheese, pizza, salmon with Milk, bones and tofu preserved with calcium, green leafy vegetables, etc 300 mg. of calcium can be found in: Lactose Intolerant? Lactose Use lactose-free milk or soy milk Use Try yogurt or hard cheeses that are low in Try lactose lactose Include lots of leafy green vegetables Choose calcium-fortified foods For the Lactose Intolerant: For Choosing a Milk Substitute Substitute Calcium supplements? Problems Calcium exist exist Impaired iron or zinc status Impaired Antacids containing aluminum & magnesium Antacids hydroxide cause a net calcium loss hydroxide Som...
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