Summary Noriega-A - Professor Phillips Defining Race in America Summary of Noriegas Essay"Race Matters Media Matters Chon Noriega highlights the

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Professor Phillips/ Defining Race in America Jan 16, 2008 Summary of Noriega’s Essay “Race Matters, Media Matters” Chon Noriega highlights the effect of media that largely occupies the concept “race” in people’s mind and what “race” actually stands for. By suggesting many evidences that mass media has a powerful force in expanding a focus on an issue and implanting ideas, the author convinces us that “race” is negatively conceptualized in our thoughts and that it is understood falsely, misguided by mass media. He argues that since media had affected people to have a distorted image on “race,” it can also change the negatively charged word to a neutral one. First, Noriega attributes the public’s misconception of race to media’s inadvertent tendency to stereotypes and misrepresentation. He explains that expansive reproduction takes part in producing superficial aspects of race, by which public views races as crisis from the media’s continuous televising of crime and criminals with its
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