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Final Essay The Story of Your Political Thought This essay requires you to analyze your current assembly of political ideas. You have to look back into your personal past and discover those significant experiences and knowledge that modeled your political thought. Once you have identified these personal milestones you are required to reflect on them based on the information that you got from this course. In other words, you are a painter and you are working on your self-portrait. Take the pencil and draw on the canvas the contours of your experiences and knowledge. The political philosophers that we have studied are represented by the colors that you choose. Cover the shapes of your past with these colors. Try to tell a story. Be yourself. Ultimately, this essay should be a mirror of your political being, a manifesto of your convictions, your political creed. Essential for your self-understanding is to decide from the beginning
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Unformatted text preview: what is your ontological stance (the world-view), epistemological position (the way you consider to be the best for assessing the validity of your world-view), and ethical attitude (the moral values that govern your quest for knowledge about your world-view). Do not be afraid to use any of the political philosophers that we covered. What is important is to find the right author(s) for each of your own political perspectives. NOTE: 1. The essay is due on the last day of class (December 07). It should be typed, double-spaced, font size 12. 2. The length: 5 to 10 pages (if you are inspired, disregard the upper limit). 3. I am not asking you to write a politically correct paper. Be who you are and do not forget: Nosce Te Ipsum . 4. December 01 is the last day when drafts will be accepted for review....
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