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Greenberg 1 Samuel Greenberg Introduction to Political Science Midterm Examination Essay October 10, 2006 Conditions Dissolving Horizontal Security in the World of the Noble Savage: The Failure of the Political Contract in ‘Dogville’ Societies which deny the natural right to liberty, allow horizontal security to dissolve, and thereby inherently justify a political change will experience a breakdown of the social contract as illustrated in ‘Dogville’. The necessary ontological approach should focus through the lenses of empiricism during this study rather than positivism, realism or post-modernism. Ontology will be most effective if the study of Plato, Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau can be applied to the facts presented in ‘Dogville’. The relationship of these philosopher’s models will illustrate clearly why the political contract failed. Plato’s belief of the importance of individual pursuits as a necessity to achieve and maintain a common good predicts the failure in Dogville. When an individual is focused only on the will of other individuals in that society, the once sustainable common good will dissolve. Maintaining the common good is crucial to the existence of the social contract and the pursuit of justice. For a society to determine what is just we must work backwards. Justice is determined by the common good, which is in turn determined by what is defined as good. What is found to be good is determined by wisdom. Wisdom comes from knowledge that
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Greenberg 2 can only originate from learning. Therefore, the just ruler must be a learner. In Plato’s model this learner is a philosopher, or in his own words, a “ philosopher king ”. The best ruler to Plato is the wisest ruler and one who dedicates himself to finding the common
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MidtermEssay - Greenberg 1 Samuel Greenberg Introduction to...

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