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Silence is Violence

Silence is Violence - Because we are animals But what is...

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Samuel Greenberg October 22, 2006 Silence is Violence One cannot know the darkness in The heart of another He cannot conduct himself in accordance with The carcinogenic force of violence If he is clueless Clueless to what violence is all about Now, some of you out there think that violence is taking A woman against her will when she is at her most vulnerable And some of you think its that bone crunching, widow-making Thunder crashing, flesh ripping pain and That moment when we as humans connect with our roots
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Unformatted text preview: Because we are animals But what is more violent than violence What gives our suffering fuel for continuing What keeps our minorities constantly kneeling Our hungry from feeding Our blind from seeing Our hurt from healing I can tell you what this violence is That keeps us from screaming At these violent acts that yield to no ceiling That violence is silence The choice we make to ignore the silent When they are screaming...
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