Being White is Easy

Being White is Easy - I'm just a white guy And I know white...

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I’m just a white guy And I know white people And say white things And when I’m hungry I eat white bread And drink white milk And when I’m bored I think white things And when I do my homework, I use my Apple computer with white plastic speakers Sit in my dorm room Wearing a white beater and white sneakers When I’m awake, I do white things, meet white people and When I sleep, I sleep in white rooms with white people And if you see me standing in rooms with black walls and black curtains Black floors and black ceilings, I’m just plain fucking lost because the only time I wear black is at funerals and until last month I couldn’t say that I knew anyone who had died But I’m not always white I like to diversify Sometimes I act pearl white, I act eggshell white and off-white
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This essay was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course ENGL 111 taught by Professor Matt during the Spring '08 term at UConn.

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