Before Falling

Before Falling - And I look upon the golden towers Still...

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Samuel Allan Greenberg September 12, 2006 Before Falling And then silence After it came the ringing But before it came silence I did feel the glory of the flames I did not hear the ringing Only the silence In a sea of swimming grey Choking like a constrictor’s prey I made my way Towards the light Away from the silence And when I smashed the clear screen I did not scream There was screaming But I did not scream I only looked Down Down to the earth a million miles away Underneath me heaven Behind me hell And in my head Silence My friends are gone Vaporized Some of them faced cruel fate While I dangle here to commiserate Their cruel fate The flames surge forward 1
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Unformatted text preview: And I look upon the golden towers Still shimmering All that I know all that I am I cannot feel it Numbness Most of the time I remembered having a choice I chose when to wake up I chose when to fill up My car with gasoline The same gasoline the fills my lungs that burns my friends Can’t be All I can know is silence Looking again upon my friend The heaven below Liberation from the hell behind I drop my mind and my body follows Tumbling further and further I feel the clean air support me I am floating Then I am falling I am heading towards that heaven That heavenly release Why did I jump? Silence. 2...
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Before Falling - And I look upon the golden towers Still...

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